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PHP Ajax Cookbook

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ISBN: 1849513082

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I've been in PHP development for more than 10 years and this book is really useful material.

I could recommend it to beginners and experienced developers. From my point of view, there are three types of developer books - complete byte-to-byte fat books, introduction books and cookbooks. I want my cookbook to have useful and simple to use recipes. This book fulfilled my expectations.

Chapter 1 tells about different mainstream JS libraries and framework. You cannot expect from this kind of a book to cover so much information but it's useful to see what is out there. At least you can find useful links or create a list of JS frameworks you should look for.

Almost all the rest this book is all about PHP and jQuery. It has lots of recipes that cover typical developer scenarios. How to create form validation, file upload, dynamic containers such as tab navigators or slideshow, pageless pagination but it goes futher. There are some simple examples how to create drag & drop functionality, sorting, filtering. All common functionalities and I like to see them in one book.

There are some interesting chapters about debugging PHP / JS applications and about best practices how to secure your Ajax applications. Perhaps it would be useful to see addtional pages about PHP security. I know this is a book about PHP and Ajax, not just about PHP but pages about security can be pure gold. Fortunately, this book offers excellent information about online resources.

Mashups chapters talks about usage of common web services. There is one really useful chapter how to create a Google map search in specified radius - how to use PHP, Ajax, Google Map API and MySql. Just like chapter 1 it doesn't go in many details but it gives you enough useful links and library references.

Since I recently started developing HTML mobile apps, I was very pleased to see this topic in this cookbook. That's why it's really nice to see last chapter about PhoneGap.

Recipes in this cookbook are not offering fancy CSS examples with lot of graphics. They are offering pure ideas and solutions.
That's really what every PHP developer should have on his shelf. I would definitely recommend this book. Simple but veeeery useful.
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