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Moshe Kaplan04/10/13
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Latest PHP 5.4 with MySQL via yum?

This one will save you a lot of hours dealing with old PHP 5.3 and newest MySQL 5.6 incompatibilities.

Steven Willmott04/09/13
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API2Cart: The Universal Key to Shopping Carts

I think there is no need to explain how complicated the process of integration with each specific shopping platform can be, and how beneficial it is to get a universal API for multiple carts.

Gonzalo Ayuso04/08/13
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Enqueue Symfony’s Process Components with PHP and ZeroMQ

ZeroMQ is a great tool to work with sockets. I will show you the problem that I want to solve: One web application needs to execute background processes but I need to execute those processes in order. Two users cannot execute one process at the same time.

Justin Bozonier04/08/13
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TDD for Business Value

A New Hope Software Craftsmanship, SOLID principles, eXtreme Programming, the list of all the “best practice” guides I’ve learned over the years goes on and on. But they also need to make room for a new style of development being ushered in by the ideas expressed in The Lean Startup.

Giorgio Sironi04/08/13
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Diving into Behat

I had the occasion to try out and adopt Behat for a particular need in our projects at Onebip. Here is my recount of the experience from a PHPUnit contributor and invested person.

Mitch Pronschinske04/07/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (4/8)

More about asm.js from John Resig and also some amazing benchmarks for comparing a ton of different web frameworks. Plus Rackspace is suing patent trolls and a blogger explores what is really necessary in a programming language.

Kane Mar04/07/13
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5 Big Scrum Questions – Issue 2

This is the second issue of James Brett‘s 5 Questions. From the first issue of 5 Questions ”The ideas was to ask five specific questions to members of the Scrum community and post the their replies.” In issue 2 of the five questions series we hear from one of the godfarthers of Scrum Ken Schwaber.

Tobias Mayer04/07/13
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Mapping the Value Storm

Knowledge work is not linear. It is chaotic, and rife with feedback loops. It swirls. I believe the activity of software development is more storm-like than it is stream-like. Why does this matter? Maybe it doesn’t, but I sometimes worry that the metaphors we choose guide the work that we do.

Allen Coin04/05/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (4/5)

Today: Programming is terrible, but what can you do about it? An interview with Alan Key, the new Facebook Home, and the story behind O'Reilly's book cover animals.

Hamid Shojaee04/05/13
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94 Expert Tips for Agile Teams

Here are 10 articles from 10 different authors that provide valuable advice for Scrum teams. These articles are in no particular order, so feel free to skim down the list and start with the ones that are most relevant to you.

Paul Hammant04/04/13
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Maintained Divergence

Simply put, Maintained Divergence is where you have two branches that have a common origin, and while merges may happen in either direction, there are differences that remain over time.

Giorgio Sironi04/03/13
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Monoids in PHP

You know when they say learning a functional language makes you a better programmer even in your current OO, imperative language? It's mostly true, but keep in mind that most of the tricks cannot be ported back at a reasonable cost due to the lack of support at the language level.

Rodrigo De Castro04/02/13
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Ask DZ: What Do You Like to See in a Software Engineer Job Posting?

I've always been curious to see job descriptions when someone reaches out to me about software engineer (or related) positions. Most of them don't really have anything uncommon, but sometimes you see something in them that could be an indication of the company's philosophy on software development.

Henri Bergius04/02/13
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My Development Setup... Working with an Android Tablet!

If Mark O'Connor was able to work productively a whole year with one, why couldn't I? This will be a definitive post on harnessing full tablet productivity when coding.

Kin Lane04/01/13
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Usually When Developers Are Mean, It Is About Power

While the root of this behavior I feel is insecurity, I think ultimately it is all about power. I also strongly believe one of the by-products of this reality is the sexism, racism and other negativity that is a systemic issue in the tech space.