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Arun Manivannan08/14/13
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Algorithm of the Week: Quicksort - Three-way vs. Dual-pivot

So, what’s new about quicksort? Well, nothing except that I just now figured out that the quicksort implementation of Arrays.sort has been replaced with a variant called dual-pivot quicksort.

Giorgio Sironi08/14/13
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Battle with legacy: reducing ifs

Nothing new under the sun: legacy code has some good functional properties (it works for the existing use cases) but very bad non-functional ones: extensibility is forbidden due to regressions and the little understandability of the state space of the code, while testability costs too much. For every castle of conditionals a moment comes when it crumbles...

Steven Lott08/13/13
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Negative Requirements

Nothing is funnier than requirements which state things that are not to happen. An actual quote: "... don't screw up cutting and pasting and the "/" vs "\" depending on unix / windows."

Jesse Warden08/13/13
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Kanban Paper Airplane Factory

I highly encourage software developers to partake in one of these exercises, even if you do Scrum vs. Kanban. Really eye opening stuff.

Mitch Pronschinske08/13/13
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The HuffPost Moves to MongoDB, Scala, Play and Angular

Big news from probably one of the biggest news sites out there. The Huffington Post is abandoning its PHP/MySQL stack in favor of newer technologies. One of them was MongoDB. Here's what the author of the post had to say...

Dave Fecak08/13/13
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Recruiters Are Pretty (and How to Find One)

You would need to be blind not to notice that tech recruiting firms are now tending to hire young and attractive female rookie recruiters, which is an obvious strategy (similar to the so-called “booth babes” at trade shows) to get the attention of the predominantly male tech audience.

Jim Hirschauer08/12/13
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DevOps Scares Me - Part 4: Dev and Ops Collaborate Across the Lifecycle

DevOps isn’t just a set of tools, but a philosophical shift that needs that requires buy-in from all folks involved to really succeed. It’s only through a high level of collaboration that things will change for the better.

Mitch Pronschinske08/12/13
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The ZeroMQ Docs Are Actually Pretty Funny

If you've read the ZeroMQ docs before, you probably noticed a few pockets of good old-fashioned corny nerd humor. It seems that the creators and the rest of the ZeroMQ development community had a little fun when creating their docs. Maybe other open source projects should follow their example.

Kane Mar08/12/13
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How a Bell Labs Researcher Impacted the Scrum Framework.

This interview touches on many different topics; from Buddhism to Denmark, and from Bell Labs to working with Nonaka. I think you’ll agree that James Coplien has had a remarkable career and his work has influenced a wide spectrum of the community.

James Betteley08/12/13
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Changes to Scrum

Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland, the original guys who came up with the whole concept of Scrum back in about 1995 have recently posted a video on the interwebs, explaining some changes to the scrum model based on their experiences over the last few years.

Mitch Pronschinske08/10/13
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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (August 11)

Learn about the new utilities for Dropbox and SkyDrive. Then you'll have to see if you fall in love with Angular and Python 3.4. Plus, have fun with the developer excuse generator and the startup legitimizer.

Dariusz Suchojad08/09/13
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HTTP request throttling/rate limiting in Zato

The scenario - you integrate three applications, two client HTTP ones and the third is a backend one (no matter the technology). All is well except client1 tends to send requests in bursts for no good reason and its developers just cannot tame it.

Zac Gery08/09/13
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A Respectful Guide to Developer Termination

Behind all the procedures, rules, and processes there is a person who will be without a job. This is a common area where many managers and companies lose focus.

Tom Howlett08/08/13
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Creativity Needs Collaboration

Tom Howlett has been through several jobs that stifled his creativity. Some had too few constrains, and some had too many. Working in a collaborative team, with an opportunity to self-organize, Tom was free.

Blog Team At In...08/08/13
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Introduction to Systematic Programming – Part 3

This part in the series is focused primarily on learning How to Design Data. This is because when we each design the data, we are making, knowingly or unknowingly, decisions about how all of the functions that later operate on that data will operate.