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Allen Coin07/17/13
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Dev of the Week: Dr. Richard Warburton

This week we're talking to Dr. Richard Warburton, developer at jClarity, author of an upcoming O'Reilly book on Java 8 Lambdas, and PhD in Computer Science.

Leigh Shevchik07/17/13
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In Any Language: Adapting to the Polyglot Programming Challenge

Do you write most of your software in the same language? If so, you might be getting left behind. One obvious tactic: get familiar with new languages and decide when to take them seriously.

John Sonmez07/16/13
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Understanding The Problem Domain Is The Hardest Part Of Programming

After reflecting on hit early days of learning to code. John Sonmez found that the single hardest thing about programming is learning the problem domain.

Johanna Rothman07/15/13
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Organizing An Agile Program, Part 5: Measurements That Might Mean Something to a Program

This post from Johanna Rothman covers all of the things that you could potentially want to measure in an agile team. This can depend on the size of your teams, so this post looks at these conditions as well.

Mitch Pronschinske07/14/13
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Spend Your Power Wisely

In this Xebia-sponsored TED Knowledge Exchange, we hear from a developer who spent a year working on a project that was never used. Hear his story and learn how you can make sure that your power is spent wisely.

Taylor Hawkes07/12/13
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The 5 biggest PHP newb coding mistakes

We were all PHP programming newbs at one point and we all had our own flavor of writing horrible code, but I think there are a few mistakes that pretty much all new PHP programmers will make. This is not meant to insult new coders (in fact these code examples are from some of my first websites), the goal is to help new programmers identify poor practices so they can improve and land that next big gig.

Lorna Mitchell07/12/13
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Twitter Search API Using PHP and Guzzle

Twitter updated their APIs recently, so that you have to authenticate to use even their search APIs to return publicly-available results. Here's how Lorna Mitchell updated her dashboards that keep an eye on twitter searches.

Martin Fowler07/12/13
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Martin Fowler on Extreme Programming

Martin Fowler looks back at the beginnings of Agile and XP. Fowler says that most ThoughtWorks projects operate in a style that is primarily influenced by XP but not necessarily defined as XP. Hear from Fowler about how Kent Beck developed XP over the course of his consulting ...

Sony Arouje07/12/13
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Is Our Strategy of Identifying Experience Flawed?

In our current system we judge experience based on number of years. Is number of years the best criteria for judging a person’s experience?

Dave Bush07/11/13
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SSD–The Single Best Investment You can Make In your Computer

Hear about the author's first had experience that proves just how much faster an SSD drive makes your computer. Looking for a way to increase your productivity? This is it.

John Sonmez07/11/13
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How Religion Destroys Programmers

"When I look back at my development career, it seems to me that every programming language I was using at any given time was clearly the best one." Does this sound like you? If so, then you may be a 'religious' programmer. Let's take a look and see if you are.

Mitch Pronschinske07/11/13
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Protect Your Private Git Repos From the NSA

Thinking about shielding your private code repositories from the NSA's prying eyes may seem like an overly paranoid thought, but with the scope of major web companies' involvement I can't say I would blame anyone for bringing their repos in-house.

Dave Fecak07/11/13
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Why You Didn’t Get The Interview, Part II

Dave Fecak's first article could not list every possible explanation that an employer or recruiter might use to discard a résumé, so he's added six more reasons in this article. Have a look.

Jim Highsmith07/10/13
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Writing to Learn

The entire results of software projects are writings. Whether the output is code, test scripts, stories, documents, training plans, or project status reports, they are all, in some fashion, writing. This article will explore how writing effects our perception and digestion of topics like Agile and programming.

Mitch Pronschinske07/10/13
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Startups Can Now Publicly Say They Are Fundraising. What Do You Think About The Change?

The US Securities and Exchange Commission voted to remove an 80 year ban on General Solicitation for company investment today. This is going to dramatically change the startup and venture capital fundraising landscape because the ban has prevented companies from publicly disclosing any efforts to seek fundraising. Companies seeking funding are also no longer forced to talk to investors individually.