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Todd Merritt01/14/13
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Pirates, Treasure Chests and Architectural Mapping

Pirates are known for drawing treasure maps to their most prized possession. These documents detail the decisions pirates made in order to hide and find their chests of gold. As software engineers, programmers, and architects we need to treat software implementations much like our treasure chest.

Steve Rogalsky01/14/13
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Living With an Agilist

We were not immediately friends, agile and I, and yet along with the post-it notes and sharpies that have overtaken my house, some agile practices and principles have slowly become part of my life.

Swizec Teller01/11/13
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My very own daily WTF

A developer's horror story about picking up the scraps of a terribly mismanaged project.

Andrey Prikaznov01/11/13
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How to Create Pinterest-like Script – step 5

Today – my first article in 2013. We are about to finish our Pinterest like script. In our fifth lesson I prepared next things: like and repin functionality and search.

Paul Underwood01/11/13
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Set "Remember Me" To Be Always Checked in Wordpress

Here is a snippet you can add to your functions.php file which will make sure that the checkbox is always checked when you go to the login page.

Gaurav Mantri01/11/13
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Karma and Team Management - My Experience at Cerebrata

Our team management policies are built around one simple principle: Karma is a bitch! You mess with karma and in time karma messes with you...

Abby Fichtner01/09/13
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Hypothesis-Driven Development

You’ve also got a ton of unknowns and uncertainty. You know you can’t just go build it and hope they will come. You have to do it iteratively. Put a little bit out there, see how people react, figure out what to do next.

Brian Swan01/09/13
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PHP 5.4 Available in Windows Azure Web and Worker Roles

One of the things that may have slipped past you in the holiday madness was this: PHP 5.4 is available in Windows Azure Web and Worker Roles

Todd Merritt01/09/13
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Choosing Technology To Include In Software Design

How many of us have been forced to select one technology over another when designing a new system? What factors do we and should we consider? How can we ensure the correct business decision is made?

Jim Bird01/08/13
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Why Scrum Won

Today a few shops use Extreme Programming, including most notably ThoughtWorks and Industrial Logic. But if you ask around, especially in enterprise shops, almost everybody who is “doing Agile” today is following Scrum or something based on Scrum. What happened?

Bob Hartman01/08/13
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Agile Practitioners Aren’t Supposed to Use Flamethrowers – Are They?

Most of us have not been in a literal flamethrower war, but some of us have been in our share of them in the virtual world. I may be showing my age, but we used to have a phrase for arguments on message boards: flame wars or flaming.

Chris Spagnuolo01/08/13
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Know Your Users - Create Personas

If you create a persona for each one of your user types and start using their names in your user stories, you'll start feeling more connected to your users. They won't be a generic mass out there anymore. You'll be developing software for somebody.

Stoimen Popov01/08/13
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Algorithm of the Week: Adding Large Integers

We know how to add two integers using a perfectly simple and useful algorithm learned from school or even earlier. This is perhaps one of the very first techniques we learn in mathematics. However we need to answer few questions.

Giorgio Sironi01/07/13
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Caring about build files

When a build file is getting hundreds of lines long, what you can do to simplify it and why you should do it? In this article we'll see some examples of what you can usually improve in Phing build files, PHP's version of Ant.

Jurgen Appelo01/07/13
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I Made a Lot of Money, and It Made Me Very Happy

If you stop separating work from life, and instead see the first as an implementation of the second, you can stop separating money from motivation, and instead see one as a metric for the other.