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Madhuka Udantha07/24/13
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WSO2 User Engagement Server (UES)

WSO2 UES helps to rapidly create visually appealing and engaging web components such as dashboards, microsites and gadgets. Users can build dashboards, microsites and gadgets with 3rd party data sources, and even share them among authenticated or anonymous users across the enterprise. Learn more about it...

Allen Coin07/24/13
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Dev of the Week: Anders Abel

This week we're talking to Anders Abel: systems architect and developer working in Stockholm, Sweden.

Giorgio Sironi07/24/13
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Memcache 102

Memcache is a cache server that stores data in RAM for your convenience, providing items by key at the maximum speed while you're serving requests inside a web application.

Mitch Pronschinske07/24/13
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Ron Swanson's Scrum is the Best New Twitter Account You'll Find This Week

Even for someone like myself, who hasn't seen many episodes of the extremely popular comedy series, "Parks and Recreation," Ron Swanson is a well known character. So when I found the twitter account "Ron Swanson's Scrum," I knew I had a duty to tell the entire programming world about it.

Mitch Pronschinske07/23/13
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PHP AMQP Library at Version 2.1

In the last month, the php-amqplib project hit version 2.1. The library has been heavily tested on RabbitMQ and is used in production environments that send or consume over 600K messages per day.

Nick Johnson07/23/13
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Algorithm of the Week: Spatial Indexing with Quadtrees and Hilbert Curves

Quadtrees are a very straightforward spatial indexing technique. In a Quadtree, each node represents a bounding box covering some part of the space being indexed, with the root node covering the entire area...

Mitch Pronschinske07/23/13
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What Joss Whedon Can Teach Us About Software Development

You may know of his work as the director of "The Avengers," "Firefly," and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." I wanted to point you to this great interview with Joss Whedon and zero in on some of the principles that I think would be applicable to software development.

Lorna Mitchell07/22/13
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Using 'Charles Proxy' To Debug PHP SOAP

This article can hep those of you working with a remote SOAP service, which are not always easy to debug. A tool called "Charles" can help...

Evert Pot07/22/13
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sabre-event, a simple event management library for PHP 5.4

I just released version 1.0 of sabre-event, a simple event management library for PHP, heavily inspired by both nodejs' EventEmitter, and Igor Wielder's Événement. This library has a few extra features not in Événement that I really needed, and Igor had no plans adding it to his library, so I wrote my own.

Michael Dubakov07/22/13
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Software Development: Fast and Slow

In this post, Michael Dubakov reviews the book "Thinking, Fast and Slow", by Daniel Kahneman and applies the new things he learned in it to the development domain.

Mitch Pronschinske07/21/13
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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (July 21)

Witness the 10 most epic design failures, check out all the best humorous lorem ipsum generators, get some performance lessons from Facebook, and hear a programmer's review of VisualStudio vs. Eclipse. Plus read a huge research overview of why mobile apps are so slow and hear about the new pure-JavaScript database.

Andy Hawthorne07/20/13
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CentOS 6.4 and PHP 5.3

In this article, I’ll describe what I did to get CentOS and PHP 5.3 up and running.

Mitch Pronschinske07/20/13
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GitHub Releases Code Search API

GitHub's advanced code search is really comprehensive in providing so many filters with which to search GitHub's repositories. Now that amazing utility can be integrated into your site or app because GitHub just released an API for it!

Giorgio Sironi07/19/13
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The Wheel: Assetic

Whenever you need to serve more than a few .css and .js files, or have some build steps to execute on them, Assetic is the tool of choice for ensuring this work is only performed as many times as necessary. In a world of heteregeneous web technologies, Assetic tries to give you a single API that accepts almost any kind of file and output a single compiled package of JavaScript or CSS code, simplifying referral code inside your application to a pair of static lines.

Jim Bird07/19/13
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Agile Development leads to Alzheimer's

Make sure that you’re not relying too much on one person’s memory and understanding. Just like in real life, as we get older, we need to lean on each other a bit more. Here are some crucial words of advice for those using iterative development.