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Krishna Kumar04/22/13
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The Work From Home Question

Everyone is talking about the Yahoo! memo ending work from home for employees. I am reminded of an article on Rands in Repose about telecommuting.

David Pollak04/22/13
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Code of Conduct for Communities

I think that codes of conduct should be positive definitions of expected behavior rather than a series of prohibitions. Here's the code of conduct I'll use for my next conference.

Jim Bird04/22/13
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Architecture-Breaking Bugs – when a Dreamliner Becomes a Nightmare

The history of computer systems is also the history of bugs, including epic, disastrous bugs that have caused millions of $ in damage and destruction and even death, as well as many other less spectacular but expensive system and project failures.

Chris Travers04/22/13
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A Distributist View on Software Freedom

It's worth noting off the bat that Distributism arose as a critique both of Capitalism and Communism and represents something with some of the ideals of both sides, but altogether different in character than either.

Esther Derby 04/20/13
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How Much Self-management Is Right for a Team?

There are lots of teams in small companies and start-ups who are self-managing and self-directing. They manage themselves, they set product direction, and set company priorities. When I visit big, established companies, there’s almost always an assumption that teams need close supervision.

Paul Underwood04/19/13
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Set Minimal Comment Limit In WordPress

You can use the filter preprocess_comment to check the comment before it is saved to the database. Within this filter you can check the character count of the comment by using the strlen() function.

Olga Kouzina04/18/13
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The Paradigm of Project Management Tools

While there’s been some talk and research about project management paradigms e.g. waterfall, Project Management 2.0, ALM, with the paradigm of agile prevailing at the moment, it looks like no one has spoken about the paradigm of project management tools.

Paul Underwood04/18/13
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Preview Live Regex

Regular expressions are a great way to find a pattern of text to do a global replace or to store the variables of the pattern. The problem comes when you have quite a complicated pattern that you are trying to match.

Mark Needham04/18/13
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Regular Expressions: Non Greedy Matching

I find that when I’m playing around with regular expressions it really makes sense to have a bunch of test cases that I can run after each change to make sure I haven’t inadvertently broken everything.

Jurgen Appelo04/17/13
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How I Organize My Work (with 'Remember the Milk')

Frequently people ask me, “How can you be so productive?” The question seems a bit strange to me, because I often consider myself not productive at all!

Allan Kelly04/17/13
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Requirements and Specifications

In everyday colloquial usage of the words Requirements and Specifications are pretty interchangeable. In general teams, and Developers in particular, don’t differentiate. There are usually one or the other, or neither, and they are both about “what the software should do.”

Mitch Pronschinske04/17/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (4/17)

Computer dinosaurs still walk the earth. This story, plus a cool Mac Terminal easter egg, a prominent game written in QBASIC, and a Python heart monitor that only needs a webcam.

Giorgio Sironi04/17/13
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PHPUnit vs. Phake cheatsheet

I like tools that do one thing and do it well, and after experimenting with Phake I'm using it on all new code. I am preparing this cheatsheet for my colleagues at Onebip so that they can start using Phake immediately instead of digging through documentation.

Paul Underwood04/17/13
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Creating A Custom Post Type In WordPress

WordPress has the ability to have different types of post types, the main post type you will use in WordPress is the post type called post. But there are other defaults such as Pages and Attachments. All the post types in WordPress are stored in the same...

Allen Coin04/17/13
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Links You Don't Want to Miss: Apr. 17

Today: Everyone should learn to program, but not everyone should be a programmer; Is Stack Exchange hurting programming?; GitHub's new logo, and a "programming in a nutshell" comic.