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Nick Johnson05/14/13
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Algorithm of the Week: Damn Cool Secure Permutations with Block Ciphers

A secure permutation is one in which an attacker, given any subset of the permutation, cannot determine the order of any other elements. A simple example of this would be to take a cryptographically secure pseudo-random number generator, seed it with a secret key, and use it to shuffle your sequence.

John Sonmez05/14/13
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5 Things That Will Make Your Agile Development Project FAIL

Over the years, I’ve worked on many different Agile teams and have consulted for and trained many teams on Agile development. In this time, I have found 5 common problems, that if not resolved, are very likely to cause a project to be a failure.

Michael Mainguy05/14/13
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Apologetic Agile Development

Having lived through numerous attempts to build software embracing the concepts behind the agile manifesto, I feel there are three large categories folks fall into when talking about agile principles.

Mitch Pronschinske05/14/13
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Things Made Easy: One Click CMS Integration with Solr & Drupal

If you have a new web project or and existing Drupal site, the combination of Drupal and Apache Solr is both powerful and easy to set up thanks to the existing integration code. The module allows for substantial customization with the administrative UI.

Parth Patel05/14/13
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How to Use Magento Modules and Custom Extensions?

Make your ecommerce store user and search engine friendly and improve your online reputation on electronic business market. . . .

Andrey Prikaznov05/13/13
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Functional Programming – How to Write Functional Code in PHP

Functional programming can be defined in simple terms as a programming paradigm that does not change the state of a program, instead it uses pure functions

Seth Proctor05/13/13
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NuoDB for PHP

In this article, I’ll show you how to install, configure, and use the NuoDB PHP PDO Driver. The instructions below are for Windows, but other NuoDB platforms are installed and configured in a similar way.

Mitch Pronschinske05/13/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (May 13)

See why Ars Technica thinks that the W3C’s new DRM framework will empower the open web and check out the benchmarking of Dart and Java. Plus a iOS 7 concept design and 7 tips on minion management.

Andy Hawthorne05/12/13
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Getting Started WIth Laravel PHP

If you code for the web, you’ll most likely have seen all the fuss about the Laravel PHP framework. I’ve decided to take a look and see what all the fuss is about.

Tom Howlett05/11/13
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Fear Causes Us to Build the Wrong Thing

The classic tale of a year-long project finally being delivered only to discover it doesn’t meet the needs of the customer sounds ridiculous in the days of short iterations and customer collaboration but I’m guessing we are still a long way from delivering what’s really needed effectively. So what’s stopping us?

Yuriy Lopotun05/10/13
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How to Stand Out at Work: 10 Tips for Programmers (Part 1)

I’ve been in the IT industry for almost 8 years working in 4 different companies. During this time I had a chance to work with a couple dozen programmers, some of them successfully developing their career, some satisfied and staying in one place, and some fired.

Allen Coin05/10/13
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Links You Don't Want to Miss (May 10)

Today: Java SE changes its release numbering scheme, how good C# habits can encourage bad JavaScript habits, PyPy 2.0 releases, and imagining a camera that can capture the movement of light in femtoseconds.

Mikko Ohtamaa05/09/13
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Exporting and Sharing Sublime Text Configuration

Sublime Text is a very powerful and popular text editor. But it’s more than a text editor… it’s an ecosystem of programmer’s tools where you can go to armory and choose the winning set for every code you’ll face.

Gil Zilberfeld05/09/13
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7 Steps for Writing Your First Test

A simple list of bullet points to check for when you are writing tests. Always try to improve your naming, mocking, refactoring, and picking scenarios.

Mitch Pronschinske05/08/13
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Git Going with Distributed Source Control

Many development shops have made the leap from RCS, Perforce, ClearCase, PVCS, CVS, BitKeeper or SourceSafe to the modern Subversion (SVN) version control system.