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Ian Mitchell05/07/13
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Confirmed or Busted: Are the Mythbusters Agile?

Mythbusters is enormously popular with technical types, and it's fair to say that it has earned something of a hallowed position in nerd culture. It's certainly a common topic at the water cooler for many in the IT business. So is there something in their approach to busting myths that resonates with modern software development practice?

Mitch Pronschinske05/06/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (May 7)

Run Ruby in-browser, see 2 views of a chessboard in Python, and find out if video codecs will be written in JavaScript in the future. Plus, take a look at Oculus Rift simulations and learn about Dropbox's first conference.

Jason Roiz05/06/13
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Hit the Mobile Road with Top 5 Responsive Drupal Themes

There are innumerable mobile-ready themes available with Drupal, which make your site accessible on any mobile device. Enlisted below are 5 such themes.

Allen Coin05/06/13
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Links You Don't Want to Miss (May 6)

Today: The best usability testing strategy EVER!, Java EE7 is ready!, Eric Schmidt thinks the internet has already surpassed television, and a free high-quality computer science education.

Mitch Pronschinske05/06/13
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API Usability: Think of the Humans!

We'll talk about common usability traps and the bugs we make or prevent consuming applications. Finally, we'll discuss approaches to API development that improve usability.

Jurgen Appelo05/05/13
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Ring the Bell!

When the sound of the ship’s bell blared through the office, all employees immediately got together for a 10-minute celebration. Our people knew that the bell was often a signal for free cake or cookies, which probably contributed to the quick and easy gathering of the entire work force around the coffee machine.

Olga Kouzina05/05/13
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Joy Spring and Estimated Deadlines

Even Phil, the Groundhog, screwed up with his estimate, and while the spring is already far in, it’s high time to come up with a very fitting narrative of what missed deadlines, and deadlines in general, are about.

Josh Adell05/05/13
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Serializing Data Like a PHP Session

There's a third, and much lesser known PHP serialization format: the format that PHP uses to store session data. If you have ever popped open a PHP session file, or stored session data in a database, you may have noticed that this serialization looks very similar to the serialize function's output, but it is not the same.

Kin Lane05/05/13
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A Civic Hacker Corps

I've always been told, "If You Don't Vote, You Can't Whine." This is a statement I've heard from hundreds of American citizens that I've encountered throughout my life, across every region of this great country. While I agree with the intent of this statement, I have to declare that it isn't enough!

Mahdi Yusuf05/03/13
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Remember to Experiment

Take a fresh look at problems, don’t go through your mental catalog of past problems. Each problem is unique and it has its own set of unique solutions. You might surprise yourself, with what you come up with.

Kin Lane05/03/13
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Can't Wait Until Carmakers Harness APIs

In the tech space we use the term dashboard a lot. Now think about the dashboard in your car. How much control over this dashboard do you have? Just wait until Ford, GM, BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota and other carmakers get their footing with APIs. It will be a different game!

Rob Allen05/02/13
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injecting configuration into a ZF2 controller

One thing you may find yourself needing to do is access configuration information in a controller or service class. The easiest way to do this is to use the ServiceManger's initialiser feature.

Josh Adell05/02/13
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Serializing Data Like a PHP Session

PHP has several built-in ways of serializing/unserializing data. The most cross-platform is json_encode; pretty much every programming stack can JSON decode data that . . .

Giorgio Sironi05/01/13
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The Wheel: Symfony Stopwatch

It's impossible to predict performance and you need the right tooling to measure it. The Stopwatch Symfony Component is a userland object that lets you time critical section of code to get some data about their execution, even directly in the production environment.

Ted Neward05/01/13
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OSS is Not Focused on Customer Service

These people (vultures!) who take and take with no giving back, who are called “customers” in other companies, by the way, and who often have perfectly reasonable requests of the vendors from whom they get their software, because if they had time to build it themselves, they wouldn’t need to download your stuff.