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Giorgio Sironi02/04/13
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Parallel PHPUnit

What PHPUnit lacks is parallelism: tests are run one after the other, usually in the same process. This means that when you have more available resources, such as a multicore CPU, some of the computational power is not used as the PHPUnit process may reach 100% utilization while the other cores are not working at all. This is not surprising.

Scott Leberknight02/04/13
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Iterative Software Development, Part 5

As promised, episode 5 is all about testing. I know, it's not always the most fun part of software development, but I would argue that it still brings some very tangible benefits.

Mitch Pronschinske02/04/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/4/13)

Apple blocks Java on Mac, AWS global transfers get cheaper, and we look into some CS trends for PhDs. Plus, Bill Gates admits that Steve Jobs was cooler.

Jurgen Appelo02/03/13
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The Bonus System

A practice that has infiltrated the western business world like a pestilence in a shanty town is the annual bonus system. The common rationale behind the bonus system is to incentivize performance. But actually, it stinks.

Jeff Dickey02/02/13
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Get Your Team Telling Stories

It's still happening at Groupon today. Each week, a member from a different team gets up to give a prepared story to the group. They said it was one of the most valuable practices on their team.

Peter Pilgrim02/01/13
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Can’t Change; Won’t Change

I witnessed Agile adoption inside investment banking organizations. Sad to say, it did not happen. Instead, lip service was paid to say SCRUM, for example.

Olga Kouzina02/01/13
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Meetings Are....

You're probably familiar with the “Meetings are Toxic” maxim from the “Getting Real” book by 37 signals. I tend to agree with it. In short, meetings are huge energy drainers and productivity flow breakers, so the deal is to figure out if this energy drain is actually worth it.

Mitch Pronschinske02/01/13
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10 Web Peformance Tuning Tricks

Join Richard Campbell as he opens up his web performance tuning toolkit and walks you through ten different techniques for improving web performance, rating each by difficulty, risk and reward. You will learn about a variety of techniques for reducing payload size, latency, server and client compute times.

Peter Schuh02/01/13
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Sometimes Help is Closer than You Think... If You Stop to Think

Thanks to the power of the inter-webs, a team that collaboratively thinks its way through tough spots, and management that is willing to back outside-the-box solutions, we were able to meet a deadline that we previously thought was impossible.

Sean Mchugh02/01/13
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Sprint Lengths and Long Releases

If you're not careful, the length of your sprints may become a one size fits all solution wherein you try to shoehorn every development effort into a 2 week iteration or some other length. I try to caution people from reaching this point for a number of reasons.

Mitch Pronschinske02/01/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/1/13)

No JCache for Java EE7, but the UK high court did just rule that programming languages are uncopyrightable.

Bill Armstrong02/01/13
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Weekly Poll: Spring Modules

For this week's poll, we wondered which modules were the most often used in the Spring framework. I've compiled a list of 28 Spring modules, and, this time, all you have to do is mark those you've used before.

Sean Mchugh01/31/13
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5 Big Issues When Scaling Scrum

For many organizations, even the basic concepts in Scrum begin to break down as we scale it up to the entire organization. Imagine a daily stand-up when the development team consists of hundreds of developers and even more testers.

Mitch Pronschinske01/31/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (1/31/13)

Some people are surprised by the Java 7 update and its "silent" removal of Java 6. Plus Bob Martin responds to Ted Neward's posts about software craftsman elitism. Rounding out the humor section, we have a graph correlating Internet Explorer Market Share vs Murder Rates.

Steve Rogalsky01/31/13
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List of Agile Practices

This is my core list of lean and agile practices. Each item can be expanded - for example, Technical Excellence implies TDD, simple design, following SOLID principles, etc.