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Zac Gery07/07/13
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Hiring Developers: Slow Down to Speed Up

Finding and hiring talent in the technology industry has been ongoing for decades. One might assume early stumbling blocks have been identified and rectified, right? Unfortunately, hiring development talent is still a difficult area for many employers. Why is this?

Leigh Shevchik07/06/13
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Velocity 2013: 20 Tips to Improve Application Speed

At the Akamai pre-party before the start of Velocity 2013, I asked attendees, “What’s your top tip to speed up applications?” Here’s what they had to say:

George Dinwiddie07/05/13
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Agile Planning Tools

One of the most frequently asked questions on public mailing lists and forums devoted to Agile development is “What Agile Planning Tool should we use?” There is always a chorus of answers touting this or that computerized tool, usually without asking any questions about the context. Is there one best tool?

Ian Mitchell07/04/13
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Sprint Backlogs in Practice

Sprint Backlogs mean different things to different teams. Some teams identify tasks, others don't. In this article we look at what a Sprint Backlog is meant to be and how it relates to that most elusive of targets, the Sprint Goal.

Ashish Kuthiala07/04/13
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Electric Cloud Reveals How Software Developers Are Spending Their Time

According to a survey by Electric Cloud, developers spend almost 20% of their time waiting. How does your work week break down compare to the survey results?

Allen Coin07/03/13
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Dev of the Week: Gary Sieling

This week we're talking to Gary Sieling, Philadelphia-based programmer focusing on enterprise applications in the life sciences, and blogger.

Justin Bozonier07/02/13
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Algorithm of the Week: Practical Parallelizing in R

I wrote an algorithm in R to run a Monte Carlo simulation of how many test subjects I need for split tests to detect X% shift in the mean. It essentially required hundreds of thousands of calculations in order to come up with the final table.

Daniel Doubrovkine07/01/13
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My Pathological Fear of Deadlines

There are two kinds of deadlines: those that we set for ourselves and those that others set for us. I believe most software deadlines are self-inflicted and unnecessary. While some will claim deadlines help you focus, they just stress me out.

Jurgen Appelo07/01/13
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15 Best Self-Publishing Books

Ever wondered what books to read on the topic of self-publishing? Wonder no longer. Here's your answer!

Giorgio Sironi07/01/13
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The Wheel: Symfony Routing

I definitely recommend outsourcing some of the responsibilities of your PHP application to Symfony Routing with respect to doing the matching yourself, with the exception of fixed URLs. What called for the inclusion of the library in the last application I worked on was the need for dynamic ones.

Dave Fecak07/01/13
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Rethink the Traditional Career Path

For engineers, the problems of traditional career paths may be compounded. To ‘move up’ and maximize earnings often means getting further from what you do best or enjoy (code) and the result may be to leave jobs more often than you should. Management responsibility is not always on the engineer’s wish list.

Christopher Taylor06/29/13
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6 Warning Signs That Your Technology is Headed South

The best or worst of times doesn’t happen overnight. There are warning signs that your technology infrastructure is falling behind and moving you into the have-nots category. Here are 6 examples that form the canary in the coal mine for many companies...

Esen Sagynov06/28/13
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CUBRID PHP and PDO Drivers Now Support Database Sharding

We've been working hard on adding sharding support in all our APIs. We have released new versions of our JDBC and C APIs which provided support for both Database Sharding and API-level Load Balancing. Then we added sharding support in our node-cubrid Node.js API. Now, sharding comes to PHP and PDO drivers.

Mitch Pronschinske06/27/13
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Git From the Bits Up

Join GitHub trainer and evangelist Tim Berglund for a look at Git, from the bits up. This talk is not for the Git beginner, but a more advanced look at "weird internals stuff" and obscure commands that will reveal a sort of internal API that is there for Git users.

Simon Brown06/27/13
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Estimating a Software System

One of the things that we teach people on our Software Architecture for Developers training course is how to design software if all you have is a set of requirements and a blank sheet of paper.