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Jim Bird06/08/13
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What's the Point of Application Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is one of the bulwarks of an application security program: get an expert tester to simulate an attack on your system, and see if they can hack their way in. But how effective is application penetration testing, and what should you expect from it?

Jurgen Appelo06/08/13
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Yahoo CEO Mayer is Right and Wrong About Her Remote Work Claims

She said the main reason for this decision was that collaboration and communication are improved when people work together in the office, and when they can see each other face to face. Marissa Mayer was right. She was also wrong.

Allen Coin06/07/13
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Developing on the Cloud: Concerns and Solutions

For developers, deploying to a cloud environment comes with a large number of unknowns--particularly scalability, availability, performance, and security. Here's how these unknowns can be addressed.

Eric Gregory06/07/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (June 7)

Today: The NSA/FBI project mining communications data from tech companies, a coder's life in links, a high-performance fork of Google's LevelDB, Text Adventures vs. MUDs vs. Roguelikes, and more.

Vijay Narayanan06/07/13
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What I Learned Adopting Agile

Here is a brief presentation on adopting agile practices based on an ignite-style talk I gave at a local meetup a while back.

Jim Bird06/06/13
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Choosing Between a Penetration Test and a Secure Code Review

Pen testing and code reviews are very different things – they require different work on your part, they find different problems and give you different information. And the cost can be quite different too.

Mitch Pronschinske06/06/13
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The Wrong Way to do Agile: Stand-ups

Chet Rong. He SUCKS as an agile coach. You should watch this funny skit about how Chet suggests we do Stand-ups. Don't actually take his advice.

Steven Willmott06/06/13
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API Business Models

Guillaume Balas, our CMO, talked about API Business Models, about how to define your API business strategy based on your core business assets, and about how to enable new business models for your company by exposing and API. Here are some of the highlights of his talk...

Mitch Pronschinske06/06/13
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Most of DZone Has Used Cloud Services in Development or Testing

Something big is coming Monday. Something HUGE and AMAZING actually. Get a preview of the audience survey results section of our PaaS and IaaS guide, and claim your copy!

Gonzalo Ayuso06/06/13
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Google App Engine, PHP and Silex. Setting up a Login Provider

To build a simple Silex application over Google App Engine is pretty straightforward. Because of that we’re going to go a little further.

Paul Reed06/06/13
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The Ship Show: Going, Going...Gone

Whether it’s organizational dysfunction, discovering a role isn’t right for you, abusive management, or unethical requests, we look at the nagging yellow flags that pile up and can ignite into red flags that start your mind down the road of: Going, Going…Gone.

Mark Needham06/06/13
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Ego Depletion

A series of surprising experiments [...] has shown conclusively that all variants of voluntary effort – cognitive, emotional, or physical – draw at least partly on a shared pool of mental energy.

Eric Genesky06/06/13
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Links You Don't Want to Miss (June 6)

Learn about Apple's failed game console, as well as a 19-year-old's plan for small nuclear fission reactors. Oh yeah, and God answers some of life's enduring questions.

Giorgio Sironi06/05/13
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Serialization and injection

Serialization is a form of persistence: serialized data survives the process and the RAM where it was created and can be reconstituted inside different processes and machines that live in a different time or place. Sometimes serialization is a poor form of persistence in fact, one that confuses the boundary between the different schemas the data can fit in.

Lorna Mitchell06/05/13
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PHP Version Adoption

PHP runs over 75% of all websites whose technologies are known, which makes for a really REALLY long tail of users. What they don't do is upgrade. I absolutely don't mean this post as a rant - more as a way of raising the issue and trying to give some pointers for moving forward.