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Patrick Kua02/20/13
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An Appropriate Use of Metrics

Management love their metrics. Metrics inherently aren’t a bad thing; just often, inappropriately used. This essay demonstrates many of the issues caused by management’s traditional use of metrics and offers an alternative to address these dysfunctions.

Mitch Pronschinske02/20/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/20/13)

Find out what our best weapon against CIPSA is, and learn about the Chinese Cyber Espionage that has attacked over 100 companies and governments.

Jens Schauder02/19/13
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Shu Ha Ri and Code Metrics

Shuhari is a Japanese martial arts concept describing the stages of learning to mastery. While a master can and will break rules at will, most of the time she won’t because the rules align with what is the right thing to do. The same goes for code metrics.

John Sonmez02/19/13
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Principles Are Timeless, Best Practices Are Fads

After writing The More I Know The Less I Know, I received a few emails talking about how there are absolute best practices that should always be followed in software development. I wanted to distinguish best practices from principles at this point.

Vijay Narayanan02/19/13
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5 Tips to Co-Create Reusable Components

Want to envision, design, and implement reusable software components that your development community will enthusiastically adopt? Co-create! Here are 5 tips to leverage co-creation when driving systematic reuse initiatives:

Mitch Pronschinske02/19/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/19/13)

Prepare to be blessed with 40+ interactive design trends along with a sweet map of all the meteor strikes since 2,300 BCE. Plus, the reasons why Chef now uses Erlang and Postgres.

Giorgio Sironi02/18/13
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PHP streams for everything

The stream extension of PHP is one of the batteries included in its packaging: a uniform interface to access many different types of data, relying on the common abstraction of a stream (not unlike, for example, Java's InputStream and OutputStream).

Roman Pichler02/18/13
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The Scrum Startup

Reflecting on more than ten years of experience using agile techniques to create products and helping organizations establish Agile, I am convinced that combing the introduction of Scrum with a new product development effort and setting up the Scrum team as an incubator can facilitate product and process success.

Jurgen Appelo02/18/13
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The 10 Intrinsic Desires

In Management 3.0 classes I let participants play an exercise called Moving Motivators, which uses the CHAMPFROGS model for intrinsic motivation. This model is loosely based on the book The 16 Basic Desires by Steven Reiss.

Mitch Pronschinske02/18/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/18/13)

Have a peek at Steve Yegge's 2004 predictions (Wow, were those different times!) and Facebook's "Ginormous Data" operation that 'keeps everything'. Plus Bruce Lawson on the big WebKit switch for Opera, the world's youngest game programmer, and the most annoying homemade gadget.

Jim Bird02/17/13
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Sooner or Later: Deliver Early or Minimize Waste

When it comes to planning out details, putting off decisions to just-in-time makes sense. But when it comes to designing and implementing important parts of the system, especially technical plumbing and cross-cutting work, doing something sooner is almost always better than later.

Mitch Pronschinske02/15/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/15/13)

A new definition for NoSQL, an amazing Java library (but not really), and a new HTML5 mobile game development platform. Plus a 2 year hiatus for the LHC, developer valentines, and flying saucers.

Mitch Pronschinske02/14/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/14/13)

Obama signs a cyber security executive order and a Vagrant AWS provider appers. Plus MarkLogic gets a free license and we find out where the term 'Big Data' started.

Giorgio Sironi02/13/13
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External processes and PHP

I've come to known a bit about spawning and monitoring new processes from PHP code, while working at Onebip and trying to contribute to Paratest. Here's what you need to know if you think exec() or executing everything in a single .php script is always enough.

Troy Hunt02/13/13
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The Ghost Who Codes: How Anonymity is Killing Your Programming Career

Ultimately, complete lack of public profile doesn’t make someone a bad programmer. On the other hand, a rich track record of engaging with the community, asking questions, demonstrating enthusiasm and actively participating in the industry gives you a bloody good head start on the ghosts.