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Nick Johnson05/22/13
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Algorithm of the Week: Damn Cool Cardinality Estimation

Suppose you have a very large dataset - far too large to hold in memory - with duplicate entries. You want to know how many duplicate entries, but your data isn't sorted, and it's big enough that sorting and counting is impractical. How do you estimate how many unique entries the dataset contains?

Mikio Braun05/22/13
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A Visit to the Valley

It’s one thing to know abstractly that the Silicon Valley is home to most computer related companies, and to drive down Highway 101 and see another well known company every 30 seconds or so.

Mike Cottmeyer05/22/13
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Getting Teams to Deliver Predictably

As recently as this week, I’ve been involved in conversations with customers about how we can help make their teams deliver more predictably. How can they meet commitments on all levels of the organization, including project, program, and portfolio?

Christopher Taylor05/22/13
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Escape Process’ Death Valley, or How to Tell a Cat From a Washing Machine

More and more leading edge thinkers are starting to focus on this dichotomy of approaches – organic vs mechanical. Each rightly has it’s place in any practitioner’s toolkit.

Esther Derby 05/21/13
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11 Things to Remember About People in Middle Management Roles

It’s easy to be critical of managers. A few things to remember. Point 0 - Most people in management roles want to do a good job, but may not know what to do or how to do it...

Henkz Sall05/21/13
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Retrieve Data from Database Table

Let's see how to retrieve information from the database table we created called "friends"...

Paul Underwood05/21/13
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Resize Image Class With PHP

In this tutorial we are going to create a PHP class that will allow you to resize an image to any dimension you want, it will allow you to resize while keeping the aspect ratio of the image.

Eric Gregory05/21/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (May 21)

Today: The sketchy world of DDoSaaS, Apple's taxes, bringing the power of NumPy to HPC, why Googlers aren't using Glass at I/O, and some truly clever 3D-printed garden contraptions.

Matt Vickery05/21/13
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Git - Simple File Management

Files can be added, committed and removed from git repositories using one or more of the following commands:

Arthur Charpentier05/21/13
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Quantifying Scientific Consensus, Zombies in R, and More Data Links

Arthur Charpentier's regular data link roundup explores quantified consensus on anthropogenic global warming, compares SAS and R for business analysts, and much more. Plus: zombies (with R).

Giorgio Sironi05/20/13
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Slack, the missing concept

No matter how fast you are, there will always be more work for you: so deliver a sustainable amount of value, because it's your job to avoid destroying the system for short-term needs.

Joel Cochran05/20/13
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The Stand Up Desk Rises to the Occasion

Joel Cochran experiments with a few standing desk strategies and settles on a desk that moves up and down. You should check out the pics. It's pretty cool.

Jurgen Appelo05/20/13
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Let's Measure Something Meaningless

Measuring something meaningful is hard, so let’s measure something that is meaningless but easy. Like your hours at work!

Swizec Teller05/19/13
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It Takes About Two Months to Write a Technical Book

If you really want to learn something, write a book about it. It doesn’t take long. After two months of plomping my arse down repeatedly I finally finished my d3.js book. Or rather, I finished the first drafts.

Rogier Noort05/19/13
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We're All Born to Blog

After reading Tao of Twitter and Return on Influence written by Mark, and Stanford’s reputation, my expectations were high.