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Esther Derby 05/23/13
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The Appreciation Gap

A simple thank you can make a difference; appreciation builds good will, and reminds people that they are valued as human beings, not just as CPUs (Code Producing Units) or FTEs (Full Time Equivalents).

Mark O'neill05/23/13
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Identity is the New Perimeter

It was Bill Gates who said that security should be based on "policy, not topology". It's a phrase which always stuck with me. Rather than basing security on where something is, you use a policy which is independent of the network.

Lorna Mitchell05/23/13
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Simplest PHP Generator Example

I really like the generators feature that's arriving in PHP 5.5, and since we're now into release candidate releases, it's actually not that far away.

David Pollak05/23/13
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Project Plugh: Open Source Log Analysis

I'm building an open source log manage/analysis tool that will offer folks what Splunk offers folks, except it's open.

Steven Willmott05/23/13
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API Economics: Create More Value than you Capture

When building an API, you want to create a lot of value for your users obviously, but you should also not try to capture all of that value. You should create more than enough.

Sam Lee05/23/13
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What if Enterprise IT Built Race Cars?

How a race car would turn out if it were developed by the equivalent of an Enterprise IT department (without DevOps).

Eric Gregory05/23/13
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Building Human Fault-Tolerant Systems

In this really excellent talk from Strata 2013, Twitter's Nathan Marz walks through the challenges and serious rewards of building systems that are resilient even in the face of human error...

Mitch Pronschinske05/22/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (May 23)

It's time to make Java debugging suck less, and it's also time to start pronouncing "GIF" "jif". Plus, some crucial employability tips and the real difference between "web" and "enterprise" developers.

Steven Lott05/22/13
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Legacy Code Preservation: Some Patterns

With modern languages and tools, legacy code conversion is quite simple. The impediments are simply managerial in nature. No one wants to have a carefully maintained piece of software declared a liability and discarded. Everyone wants to think of it as an asset that will be carefully preserved.

Jurgen Appelo05/22/13
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What Makes a Great Conference?

I’ve been asking around on email and on the social networks what makes a conference memorable, special, or amazing. This topic has my special interest, not only because I attend between 20-25 conferences per year, but also because I’m trying to help make the DARE 2013 a great experience.

Giorgio Sironi05/22/13
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A simple strategy for dotfiles

Simple as in Simple Object Access Protocol. Dotfiles such as .vimrc and .bashrc are at the core of configuring a Unix system. They are usually places in the home folder of a user and, if present, are read by various tools such as the shell and Vim.

Yuriy Lopotun05/22/13
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How to Stand Out at Work: 10 Tips for Programmers (Part 2)

This is the second part of the article in which I’m sharing a list of simple tips that, in my opinion, can help programmers succeed at their current workplace.

Eric Gregory05/22/13
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Dev of the Week: Mahdi Yusuf

This week we're talking to Mahdi Yusuf, developer at Source Metrics, active member of the Python community, and creator of Neckbeard Republic.

Allen Coin05/22/13
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Links You Don't Want to Miss (May 22)

Today: Memcached 10 years later, JS struggles, why can't testers and developers get along?; Neil deGrasse Tyson settles the Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate, and how to boost your eBook revenue.

Leigh Shevchik05/22/13
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DrupalCon 2013: Introducing Drupal Hooks and Views Metrics

The Drupal ecosystem is bursting at the seams with modules. The ease of extending Drupal means it can be non-intuitive for developers to write well-performing modules.