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Dave Fecak03/01/13
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The Stigma of Tech Certifications (and their real value)

What (if any) value do certifications have for your marketability, and could having a certification potentially result in the opposite of the intended effect and actually hurt your chances of being hired?

Steve Smith03/01/13
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A Flaccid Scrum is a Missed Opportunity

Martin Fowler wrote a prescient article about the rise of Flaccid Scrum. Having recently worked on an agile project that could act as Exhibit A for Flaccid Scrum, I have hardened my opinion on Scrum to the point where I believe that Scrum cannot succeed without XP-style technical practices.

Lorna Mitchell03/01/13
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PHP and Gearman: Unable to Connect after Upgrade

I upgraded PHP and related pecl modules on my development machine today, and ran into a problem with Gearman. Actually I ran into more than one! Firstly the challenge of getting the newest pecl version working with a gearman version.

Chris Travers03/01/13
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The LedgerSMB Service Locator for UDF's: How it Works

We use currently a stored procedure API divided into an upper and lower half, The upper half generates an API call for the lower half, which can be called independently when finer control is needed.

Kristina Chodorow02/28/13
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Guide to Tech Interviews

I’ve been interviewing people for programming jobs for five years and I’ve recently gotten a look at the interview process from the other side. Here are some suggestions for acing tech interviews.

Martin Fowler02/28/13
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The Purpose Of Estimation

It's easy to see how people turn their angry glares towards estimation. This leads to an increasing notion that anyone indulging in estimating is an Not a True Agilist. I don't share this view of estimation as an inherently evil activity.

Steven Willmott02/28/13
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Top 10 API Blog Posts Last Year

APIs came more and more to the forefront of tech-thinking in 2012 and there was some great thinking about API trends and the Web more generally.

John Cook02/27/13
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Geeky Company Names

I started a discussion on Twitter this evening about consulting company names. Here are some of the names. Spherical Computing: Without parallel, Turing Machine Computing: If we can’t do it, it can’t be done, and more...

Allan Kelly02/27/13
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11 Agile Myths and 2 Truths

I’ve been keeping a little list and there are 11 reoccurring myths. There are also two truths which are a bit more difficult for teams and companies to accept.

Eric Gregory02/27/13
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Dev of the Week: Lorna Mitchell

This week we're talking to Lorna Mitchell, PHP developer, blogger, and active member of phpwomen.org and PHP North West.

Mitch Pronschinske02/27/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/27/13)

See a useful developer's guide to images and research on how people hold their smartphones. Plus, new details about Stuxnet and a new release for Django.

Johannes Brodwall02/27/13
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Agile Release Pattern: Merging Configuration

If you want to release your code frequently, you have to automate the release process. If your software interacts with shared components or other applications, the release script may have to update shared configuration files.

Johannes Brodwall02/26/13
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Agile Release Pattern: Feature-On/Off-Switch

If you want to release frequently, a problem you may encounter is that some features, even though functionally complete, don’t stand well on their own, but require other features to be valuable to the user. A Feature-on/off-switch is a simple idea for dealing with this.

Mitch Pronschinske02/26/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/26/13)

Prepare for a deep, and critical performance review of Chrome along with some highly helpful principles for keeping your software simple. Plus, a huge Azure outage, another Linus Torvalds freakout, and a workplace with no bosses.

Tobias Mayer02/26/13
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The Agile Playground #1

This is the first post in an intended series which will describe some interactive Agile games, with commentary.