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Mitch Pronschinske10/30/12
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Cure Your Join Pains! Hear From Graph DB Experts

I recently talked with Dr. Jim Webber, the chief scientist at Neo Technology, to get some insights into the current events around graph databases and some background on the the widespread growing interest in graph dbs.

Chris Keene10/30/12
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PaaS Is Automation

Like cloud computing in general, PaaS has struggled to articulate clearly why it deserves to capture the hearts and minds of enterprise developers.

Baxter Denney10/30/12
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Want to Get Rid of Documents with Duplicate Content?

Whether you’re combining data from two different data sources, have multiple purchases from the same customer or just entered the same data in a web form twice, it seems like everyone faces the problem of duplicate data at one point or the other.

Stoimen Popov10/29/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Shortest Path in a Directed Acyclic Graph

There’s a faster algorithm running in linear time that can find the shortest paths from a given source node to all other reachable vertices in a directed acyclic graph, also known as a DAG.

Mitch Pronschinske10/29/12
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The Algorithms of Memory

I’ve been trying over the last couple days to list all the different memory patterns I can see myself using. I’ve also tried to pull out systems I know of that do the same for comparison, although I can’t find direct equivalents in all cases.

Eric Genesky10/29/12
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DZone Interviews Cindy McCourt, Author of "Getting Started with Drupal 7" Refcard

Cindy McCourt, the author of multiple techinical papers on drupal, as well as Drupal: The Guide to Planning and Building Websites was kind enough to answer a few questions about writing the Drupal Refcard.

Brian Gracely10/28/12
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The Cloudcast Ep. 61: Why New Applications are Moving to NoSQL

Aaron and Brian speak with Justin Sheehy (CTO at Basho Technologies), about the evolution of applications, new database demands and why NoSQL is changing how we stored and access data.

Brian O' Neill10/28/12
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Solid NoSQL Benchmarks from YCSB with a Side of HBase Bologna

One of the great appeals of Cassandra is its linear scalability. Need more speed? Just add water, er... nodes to your ring.

Shannon Behrens10/27/12
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Unit Tests Don't Find Bugs: the Death of QA

Unit tests don't find bugs. They find regressions. This is a painful lesson I learned when I first started doing TDD (test-driven development), and it's well known among most TDD circles.

Anoop Madhusudanan10/26/12
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Why I'm Truly Excited About Windows 8

I think the true pitch of Microsoft is all about connecting the dots – Read a stable cloud platform, a plethora of PaaS offerings, A truly modern and fresh operating system that works seamlessly across multiple form factors, proper interfacing with existing devices like XBox – and all this working together.

Judah Johns10/26/12
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The Jelastic Spotlight with Markus Eisele, James Gosling, Jean-Michel Van Lippevelde and Martijn Verburg

This week's Spotlight is pretty special. I had a chance to chat with a number of very distinguished and well known people in our industry, and for that matter, some are pretty well known outside of their industry. All have been very successful in their...

Allen Coin10/26/12
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The Definitive Windows 8 Linksheet

With the release of Windows 8, we decided to put together this definitive list of Windows 8 links.

Allen Coin10/25/12
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NoSQL Week in Review #3

In case you missed it! We've put together a list of this past week's happenings, goings-ons, new releases, and popular articles. So you're all caught up in the world of NoSQL!

Andreas Kollegger10/24/12
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REST::Neo4p - A Perl "OGM"

I am a bioinformatics scientist contracted to a large US government research initiative. Our clients were interested in alternatives to RDBMS to represent the big data we manage.

Trisha Gee10/24/12
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NoSQL is a Stupid Name

Classing a whole swathe of products as "NoSQL" is misleading and confusing. The only thing they all share in common is that they are not traditional relational databases.