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Paul Underwood04/17/13
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Creating A Custom Post Type In WordPress

WordPress has the ability to have different types of post types, the main post type you will use in WordPress is the post type called post. But there are other defaults such as Pages and Attachments. All the post types in WordPress are stored in the same...

Allen Coin04/17/13
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Links You Don't Want to Miss: Apr. 17

Today: Everyone should learn to program, but not everyone should be a programmer; Is Stack Exchange hurting programming?; GitHub's new logo, and a "programming in a nutshell" comic.

Isaac Taylor04/17/13
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Coding for the Changes You'll Have to Make Next Month

Anytime you find yourself looking at a class's implementation to figure out how to use the class, you're not programming to the interface, you're programming through the interface to the implementation. If you're programming through the interface, encapsulation is broken, and once encapsulation starts to break down, abstraction won't be too far behind.

Mainak Goswami04/17/13
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Understanding Transport Layer Security / Secure Socket Layer

There are subtle differences between TLS and SSL. TLS is the successor to the SSL but TLS 1.2 cannot be interchangeable with SSL 3.0. TLS uses Hashing for Message Authentication Code (HMAC) algorithm over the SSL Message Authentication Code (MAC) algorithm.

Michael Sahota04/16/13
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Temenos – A Workshop for Healing, Connection and Relational Flow

Temenos is also a philosophy and mindset. In brief, deep bonds and healing result from exploring each other’s personal history (how we became who we are) and visions (who we want to be). We use the conceptual model of a container to help us perceive and understand our relationship with ourself and others.

Peter Pilgrim04/16/13
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“Why You No Train?”

Sometimes, just when we are walking about and we feel everything is going smoothly, then the bottom drops out of the bucket, our world suddenly of positivity, in the situation, our lives, family and friends, takes a nose dive to the other side.

René Pickhardt04/16/13
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Teaching Web Science (Web Architecture and Web Ethics)

Overall we can say that the concept of the course worked really well. Especially putting such a high focus on the Web Architecture and actually letting students implement protocols helped to gain a deeper understanding.

Nick Johnson04/16/13
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Algorithm of the Week: Fountain Codes (from "Damn Cool Algorithms")

Today's subject is Fountain Codes, otherwise known as "rateless codes". A fountain code is a way to take some data - a file, for example - and transform it into an effectively unlimited number of encoded chunks, such that you can reassemble the original file given any subset of those chunks...

John Sonmez04/16/13
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So You Think You Can Polymorph?

In the true spirit of this blog I am going to take the complex idea of polymorphism and make it as simple as possible. Now you may already think you understand polymorphism—and perhaps you do—but I’ve found that most software developers don’t actually understand exactly what polymorphism is.

Allan Kelly04/16/13
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Requirements: Whose Job are They Anyway?

Companies believe that Developers will somehow comprehend what is needed from a simple statement. In the worst cases this is a condition I refer to as: “Requirements by Project Title”. Just because Developers understand the technology doesn’t mean they understand what is needed.

John Blanco04/16/13
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I Have An Idea for an App! Now What?!

It’s 10:00 AM, you’re in your office (or better yet, at home on your couch) dreaming up million-dollar app ideas when — BAM! — like a bolt of lightning it hits you. EUREKA! You have conceived of The Next Big Thing™

Andy Hawthorne04/15/13
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MySQL and Ubuntu 12.10

I recently had reason to be shunting large amounts of MySQL data around on my Ubuntu 12.10 powered laptop. The data was exported from MySQL in .sql files, and they had a file size in excess of 50Mb. That ruled out PHPMyAdmin for re-importing the data. Here is what I did to solve the problem.

Esther Derby 04/14/13
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A Tale of a Too-Hands-Off Manager

Managers of self-organizing teams need to discern when it’s time to step in and when to step back, allowing the team to solve the problem on its own. How do you know when a light touch is called for and when action is needed?

Alex Curylo04/14/13
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Writing Web Services

As an iPhone/iPad developer, it can be really useful to be able to write your own simple web services that integrate with your apps. Well here's how you can do it.

Johanna Rothman04/14/13
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We Cannot Choose Between Management And Leadership

Choosing to be a manager without being a leader is like choosing to drive across the country without a map. Choosing to be a leader without having management skills is like choosing to be a fish without gills. You have to know where you’re going, and you have to know how to breathe in your environment.