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Tim Murphy05/29/13
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What Software Architects Can Learn From Baseball Teams

My friend Larry Calrkin did a whole series on Architecture by Baseball, but after going to a recent White Sox game I got to thinking about the how baseball mirrors my experience. For me it boils down to specialization, team work and leadership.

Giorgio Sironi05/29/13
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NoSQL does not mean no migrations (but opens up new ways of doing them)

Being schemaless doesn't mean you will never have to migrate data between the implicit schemas with which data is represented inside NoSQL databases such as MongoDB. Even when leaving in place code that works with multiple versions of data and provide a smooth transition between the old and new formats, indexes provide an example of operation to be performed once and for all and that is mostly put outside of the code the database supports.

Allen Coin05/29/13
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Links You Don't Want to Miss (May 29)

Today: Productivity tips from the Startup Dad, how Netflix is preparing for Arrested Development, how to use Markdown in any text field, and the OpenRelativity Toolkit that lets you mess with the speed of light!

John Sonmez05/29/13
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Your Job Title Is Wrong, Here Is What It Should Be

Obviously some job titles appear to have more clout than others, and obviously some titles would be more desirable for a software writing professional to have, but a job title alone doesn’t convey any real information.

Mark Needham05/28/13
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Pomodoros: Just Start the Timer

I wrote earlier in the year about my use of pomodoros to track what I’m doing outside of work and having done this for 6 months I noticed that I’m now procrastinating over picking something off the list to work on.

jb j05/28/13
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10 awesome PHP functions and snippets

Every web developer should keep useful code snippets in a personal library for future reference. Today, I’m showing you the 10 most useful snippets and functions I have added to my snippet library from the past 3 months.

Johanna Rothman05/28/13
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Develop by Feature, Develop by Component, or Some Combination?

You get tremendous benefits when you develop by component: high cohesion in the component and low coupling between components. Don’t underestimate the value of these. When you develop by feature, you get features. It’s hard to underestimate the value of working product.

Esther Derby 05/27/13
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Should a Manager Know a Language? Yes. One That Enables Communication with People.

Of course, the participants in this discussion are talking about a computer language. But what about being an expert in spoken language?

Steven Willmott05/27/13
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Welcome to Distributed

This year’s Gluecon as always was a mix ideas and memes (a great event as always!). Reflecting on the talks and conversations on the flight back, there seemed to be one to us which stood our more than any other, which was nicely captured by Michael Rose‘s Tweet...

Giorgio Sironi05/27/13
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The Wheel: Monolog

Logging is one of the task that most application have to perform while getting no strategic advantage out of it (and hence not putting an investment into it). There is an alternative to writing a cramped 10-line class for this utility software: introducing a library into your applications that is capable of solving the task quickly.

Andy Hawthorne05/27/13
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How to Paginate Search Results With CodeIgniter 2.1

This article shows you how to go about paginating search results with CodeIgniter. The paginate library available in the CodeIgniter framework is very useful. It is also straightforward to implement.

Patrick Debois05/27/13
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Infrastructure as Code - A Comprehensive Overview

I've been tracking infrastructure as code for a few years now. Over the years it has gotten closer to real code. Close, but no cigar yet...

Zac Gery05/26/13
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Technical Debt: In an Agile World

There are many benefits to Agile, but arguably the most important one is the Silver Mirror. Agile forces companies to look within their own processes and it exposes troublesome areas. Before starting down the road of tackling technical debt, it must be properly tracked.

Swizec Teller05/25/13
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The Most Pleasant Job Interview I've Ever Had

I’m not sure I ever got a chance to talk to the engineer who made the initial recommendation based on my blogpost, but I definitely got to talk to a bunch of great people and had massive fun.

Eric Gregory05/25/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (Memorial Day Weekend Edition)

It’s Memorial Day Weekend in the US, and the Internet’s a little quiet. To tide you over, we've got the latest in quantum imaging and entanglement, programming language rundowns from both JRuby creator Charles Nutter and Middle Earth, the most maddening ninja-related game you'll ever play, and much more.