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Eric Gregory06/19/13
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Dev of the Week: Zac Gery

This week we're talking to Zac Gery about what he calls the biggest misunderstood problem in the development world -- not to mention his love of curling.

Dave Fecak06/19/13
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Alternative Jobs For Bored Web/App Developers

I’ve recently seen a spate of engineers declaring boredom and/or dissatisfaction with their current roles and responsibilities, which leads them to openly question what options are available.

Swathi Venkatachala06/19/13
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One Cap to rule 'em all ... (Capistrano)

I am a fan of Capistrano from way back and we use it for almost all kind of deployments - Hadoop, MongoDB clusters and so on. If you have not tried Capistrano, you must try it and figure out how you can use for deployments in your environment.

Mitch Pronschinske06/18/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (June 19)

Some interesting insight on declarative and imperative programming as well as the newest vulnerability in the OWASP top 10. Plus a GitHub redesign and an algorithm for making friends.

Henri Bergius06/18/13
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NoFlo: Two Years of Flow-Based Programming

NoFlo — the flow-based programming system I started — is now two years old. I pushed the first commits to GitHub on June 5th 2011 from Hacker Dojo in Mountain View. To get us started with the story, I'll let Wikipedia summarize...

Mitch Pronschinske06/17/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (June 18)

German parliment may be preparing to end future software patenting, and Subversion 1.8 is live! Plus, learn how to speed up your site with Redis and watch the funniest JavaZone parody trailer yet!

Eric Genesky06/17/13
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Get DZone's Definitive Guide to Cloud Providers

Today, DZone Research released its Definitive Guide to Cloud Providers, which you can pick up for free here.

Johanna Rothman06/14/13
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Estimating the Unknown: Projects or Budgets, Part 3

You have options for estimation, once you have met the preconditions. If you don’t have the feature set in a ranked order, you are in trouble.

Paul Underwood06/13/13
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PHP Debug In Browser Console

When debugging in PHP there are a few techniques you can use, you could use something like Xdebug which will allow you to step through your code at run time and you can see exactly what the code is doing

Tom Howlett06/12/13
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The Blamer

I blame others and they blame me. The more difficult the problem, the more I need the help of others, the more I blame others and push them away.

Johanna Rothman06/12/13
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Estimating the Unknown: Projects or Budgets, Part 2

So now that you know why it’s so difficult to estimate what do you do when someone asks you for an estimate?

Wille Faler06/11/13
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Software is the Central Nervous System of Modern Business

Software is the Central Nervous System of modern business, this is something that Bill Gates asserted way back in 1999 in his book “Business @ the Speed of Thought”, and it is even more true in 2013 than it was in 1999.

Jurgen Appelo06/11/13
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5 Reasons for Writing a Blog - Reason 1

The original purpose of my blog was to pave the way for my first book. But 5 years later I have realized that NOOP.NL has become more than just a vehicle for my book projects.

Allen Coin06/11/13
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Links You Don't Want to Miss (June 11)

Today: JDK 8 is almost feature-complete, Is Wikipedia's front page for sale?; how to encrypt your GChat from the NSA, the new Mac Pro and iOS from Apple, and why is embedding HTML5 still so difficult?

Justin Bozonier06/11/13
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Algorithm of the Week: Genetic Algorithms, Pt. 2 - Making It Run

Because we can find the value of the definite integral at any points we want, we can use another technique to turn that data into a formula. The technique we’ll be using is known as a genetic algorithm.