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Mitch Pronschinske03/26/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (3/27)

News about Google's Go and Ruby. Plus, the hoops that job candidates have to jump through and Erlang the Movie II: The Sequel.

Anders Abel03/26/13
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How We Achieved the Best Code Quality in My Career

My recently finished project produced the best code quality in my career so far. The key success factors were a clear architecture, insane compiler warning levels and last but not least code reviews.

Allen Coin03/26/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (3/26)

Today: The computer science of JavaScript, The White House shares its web API standards, Digg wants to replace Google Reader, and Conway's Law of Starship Captains.

David Shaw03/25/13
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You Can Be Comfortable And Productive At The Same Time!

An office might not seem like an unhealthy working environment when compared to factories and car garages. Working in an office demands sitting for long periods of time working in front of a computer which means comfort and right posture is of the utmost importance.

Mitch Pronschinske03/23/13
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Scalable Architectures: Taming the Twitter Firehose

Handling lots of real-time streams of information, when Twitter alone is producing 250+ million tweets a day and 27 million links to news and media, can be a daunting task.

Cagdas Basaraner03/23/13
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10 Scrum Methodology Best Practices

10 quick hit techniques with a short bit of advice that can make your Scrum practices so much better. Check this list out for sure!

Paul Underwood03/22/13
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Formatted Strings With PHP

When you are using PHP to putput a string on the page most of the time you will use the syntax echo, which will take the following string and display that string in HTML.

Paul Wells03/22/13
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5 Ways Objects Can Communicate With Each Other Heading Towards Decoupling

Decoupling can be achieved and yield flexibility, but this does not mean it is appropriate for every call from one object to another. The best thing to do is start with straight method calls, but keep cohesion in mind.

Mike Cottmeyer03/20/13
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My Perspective on Remote Work

The proclamation by Marissa Mayer last month, informing Yahoo employees that working from home is no longer an option, really seemed to bring an important conversation front and center.

Anders Abel03/20/13
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Naming CSS Classes by Purpose or Effect

What’s the best way to name a css class? form-field-label or bold-text? Is there any difference between MVC’s EditorFor and TextBoxFor? Or between a DetailedRowText property and ArticleDescription?

Allen Coin03/20/13
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Links You Don't Want to Miss: 03/20

Today: The consequences of Google Reader's retirement, why programming shouldn't be "fun," Bitcoin is on the rise, collaboratively building apps, and A GIANT SQUID!

Paul Underwood03/20/13
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Encode Email Addresses With PHP

While encoding your email address will make it display correctly in the browser in the source code the email address will be encoded so that spam bots can not read the email.

Giorgio Sironi03/19/13
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MongoDB 2.4 is Out!

Today MongoDB has seen a new big release, 2.4. Between the features that have been added we can see hash-based sharding, capped arrays, and a brand new Text Search feature.

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis03/19/13
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What It's Like To Work For 10gen

At our annual meetings we have nerdy contests. Last year, rocket building. This year, Lego robots that we programmed to push each other off a table.

Kin Lane03/19/13
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The API Pipes, From Resource to Last Mile

This post is an aggregation of ongoing thoughts I'm having around my role in the API space, a diagram I drew the other day while enjoying an IPA, and inescapable thoughts fueled up by a post by Patrick Meir over at iRevolution, called Crisis Mapping, Neogeography and the Delusion of Democratization.