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Mahdi Yusuf05/03/13
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Remember to Experiment

Take a fresh look at problems, don’t go through your mental catalog of past problems. Each problem is unique and it has its own set of unique solutions. You might surprise yourself, with what you come up with.

Kin Lane05/03/13
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Can't Wait Until Carmakers Harness APIs

In the tech space we use the term dashboard a lot. Now think about the dashboard in your car. How much control over this dashboard do you have? Just wait until Ford, GM, BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota and other carmakers get their footing with APIs. It will be a different game!

Rob Allen05/02/13
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injecting configuration into a ZF2 controller

One thing you may find yourself needing to do is access configuration information in a controller or service class. The easiest way to do this is to use the ServiceManger's initialiser feature.

Josh Adell05/02/13
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Serializing Data Like a PHP Session

PHP has several built-in ways of serializing/unserializing data. The most cross-platform is json_encode; pretty much every programming stack can JSON decode data that . . .

Giorgio Sironi05/01/13
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The Wheel: Symfony Stopwatch

It's impossible to predict performance and you need the right tooling to measure it. The Stopwatch Symfony Component is a userland object that lets you time critical section of code to get some data about their execution, even directly in the production environment.

Ted Neward05/01/13
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OSS is Not Focused on Customer Service

These people (vultures!) who take and take with no giving back, who are called “customers” in other companies, by the way, and who often have perfectly reasonable requests of the vendors from whom they get their software, because if they had time to build it themselves, they wouldn’t need to download your stuff.

Paul Hammant05/01/13
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When Agile Meets Angular and UX-led Development

UX-led development is where your User eXperience (UX) developers are active within a dev-team, pushing the experience, behaviors and interactions. Pushing in this context means rapid evolution of a working UI.

Jay Fields05/01/13
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Year Five

The average lifespan for a software engineering job is 4 years. Okay, I've never actually seen proof (or contradiction), but that's the general feeling in the groups I associate with. Perhaps that's selection bias - my employer has generally changed on year 3 or 4.

Mitch Pronschinske05/01/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (May 1)

Get some advice for dealing with burnout or if you find that you don't want to program anymore. Plus some important news about the JS spec "Promises" and a 17 year old girl who won a major hackathon.

Kin Lane05/01/13
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Who Are The Customers For Your Startup?

See the progression of events from beginning as a startup with an app to becoming a platform with an API and having developers as your customers.

Nick Johnson04/30/13
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Algorithm of the Week: BK-Trees (from "Damn Cool Algorithms")

BK-Trees, or Burkhard-Keller Trees are a tree-based data structure engineered for quickly finding near-matches to a string, for example, as used by a spelling checker, or when doing a 'fuzzy' search for a term. The aim is to return, for example, "seek" and "peek" if I search for "aeek".

Paul Underwood04/30/13
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Display A List Of Authors On WordPress

If you want to create a page to display all the authors you have two options, you can create a new page template which will allow you to code the layout of the page to show all the authors. The other option is to create a shortcode where the user of the site can use this on a new page content to create a list of all the authors.

Allen Coin04/30/13
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Links You Don't Want to Miss (Apr. 30)

Today: They don't make diplomas like they used to, according to study: programmers' skills age like fine wine, an addictive in-browser game by Notch, and announcing HTML9 Responsive Boilerstrap JS!

Sean Hull04/30/13
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I Thought Sales Sucked, Then I Gained a Business Perspective...

The sales team made promises of technology the company wasn’t capable of delivering. Meanwhile the engineering team was sent scrambling to answer to those promises. This is why I started out hating sales in my early career.

John Sonmez04/29/13
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How To Deal With Making Mistakes

It is to easy to get hung up on a mistake and become paralyzed by it in such a way that it prevents you from having future success. I seem to have an instinctual desire to throw away what I am doing or try to completely wipe the board clean, whenever I make a mistake.