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Allan Kelly04/01/13
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Never Ever Rewrite Your System

“The second is the most dangerous system a man ever designs” Fred Brooks, 1975 & 1995. Brooks was talking about software designers, architects, but I think the statement holds true not only for all software developers but for the business people who commission replacement systems.

Johanna Rothman04/01/13
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Telecommuting, Hoteling, and Managing Product Development

There are two sides of this conversation about telecommuting: the employee side and the management side. I hope you stick around for both sides. You can yell at me at the end.

Lorna Mitchell03/29/13
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Video Course on Learnable: OOP PHP

I'm delighted to announce that my new video course on Object-Oriented PHP is now available on Learnable!

Dave Rooney03/29/13
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They are All Wrong

[The Test Automation expert] said that what I proposed was not a "best practice" and that everyone, the whole industry, was using the tools in the way that he described how they should be used. My response was to simply say "they are all wrong."

Mitch Pronschinske03/28/13
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Webinar: Using SMTP with Amazon Simple Email Service

Learn how Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) just got simpler with Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) support. Amazon SES is AWS's highly scalable and cost-effective bulk and transactional email-sending service for businesses and developers.

Michael Sahota03/28/13
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Anatomy of Peace – A Model for Communication

Our relationships with others form the foundation of our reality. Sadly, we are habituated on twisting and distorting our “reality” of these relationships to protect our ego. The net result is that we are the authors of much of the conflict in out lives.

Tobias Mayer03/27/13
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How to Write an Agile Job Ad

Today I came across yet another job ad for a ScrumMaster—sadly posted to an Agile online group. Here it is, in its essence. I have bolded the terms that especially jarred, but the tone of the whole thing was seriously misguided. So here is an example of how not to write an Agile job ad.

Michael Norton03/27/13
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One on One Meetings

The following is a suggested format, not a prescription. Find what works for you. This format has worked well for me for a number of years.

Giorgio Sironi03/27/13
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The Wheel: Symfony Filesystem

The Filesystem Symfony Component provides an abstraction layer over the plethora of primitive functions that let PHP interact with files and directories. In this issue of The Wheel series, we will explore a little its API and evaluate its advantages and issues.

Tim Murphy03/27/13
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Beginning PHP On Windows 8

It is always interesting to find out what technology I will have to work with next. One of the latest that I’ve had to learn is PHP and since I am running Windows 8 I had to get it working in that environment.

Martin Hinshelwood03/26/13
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The Insufficiency of Scrum is a Fallacy

The insufficiency of Scrum is a fallacy perpetrated by teams that don’t step up their practices in concert with their planning and don’t really want to make it work anyway. You can fail doing Kanban, XP, Merise and SSADM just as easily unless you have good engineering practices as well.

Allan Kelly03/26/13
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Blaming the People or the System?

I am sure I am not alone in exhibiting another of Orwellian trait: Double think. For several years I have been guilty of agreeing with two contradictory points of view:

Mitch Pronschinske03/26/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (3/27)

News about Google's Go and Ruby. Plus, the hoops that job candidates have to jump through and Erlang the Movie II: The Sequel.

Anders Abel03/26/13
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How We Achieved the Best Code Quality in My Career

My recently finished project produced the best code quality in my career so far. The key success factors were a clear architecture, insane compiler warning levels and last but not least code reviews.

Allen Coin03/26/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (3/26)

Today: The computer science of JavaScript, The White House shares its web API standards, Digg wants to replace Google Reader, and Conway's Law of Starship Captains.