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Daily Dose - Hudson Creator Joins CloudBees

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After the creator of the popular, open source Hudson continuous integration tool left Oracle, he started his own company, InfraDNA, to continue Hudson development and provide commercial support.  Now the Hudson creator, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, has decided to join up with another fast growing Hudson company called CloudBees.  CloudBees is a PaaS available through the cloud or on-premises.  CloudBees is a complete and integrated development infrastructure that includes more functionality than just Hudson offerings.  With Kawaguchi on their team, CloudBees has a good shot at becoming the best platform for running Hudson continuous integration.

Nuxeo Adds Support for JBoss Tech
Nuxeo released their Enterprise Platform version 5.4 today, which adds support for the JBoss Application Server and JBoss EAP, meaning Red Hat customers with these technologies can deploy to the Nuxeo platform.  Nuxeo is a modular, extensible enterprise content management platform.  Nuxeo also has added new support around OSGi, OpenCMIS, and Apache Chemistry.

Gingerbread Update Soon?
A tweet from someone on the leadership team of the Open Handset Alliance has tweeted that developer versions of the Nexus One can expect a Android 2.3 "Gingerbread" update in the next few days.  While this is far from a total confirmation, the Android Police blog also heard some rumors that Gingerbread would arrive on November 11th.  Be ready Android developers.  The update could come soon, and without warning!

Chrome OS is Not the First Browser-Only OS

While Chrome OS may become the first mainstream browser-based operating system, the Webconverger project is also a browser-only OS and it has been around for quite awhile.  The project just reached version 7 and has upgraded to Debian 6.0 for its web kiosk.  Webconverger 7 has upgraded it's boot splash manager and offers paid customization services for adding Chrome, for example.

Dear Steve Jobs: You're wrong. Again
Steve Jobs keeps giving reasons why practically every analyst is wrong about Android's pending mobile dominance.  This blogger believes Jobs is wrong… again. 
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