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Usman Sarfraz11/05/14
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Banckle.Helpdesk announces Customer Support SDK for PHP Applications

Banckle.Helpdesk is a web based customer support, email help desk and online ticketing management system to help your customers in the cloud. Along with organizing all the generated tickets under different mailboxes, users can also integrate and manage...

Andrea Croft10/01/14
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Banckle Newsletter for October 2014: Add Banckle.CRM Contact Capture Form on Joomla and WordPress Websites

  Banckle Collaborator Newsletter for October 2014 announces the release of Banckle.CRM extension and plugin for Joomla and WordPress websites respectively which will allow the developers and admins of these websites to add contact capture form on...

Andrea Croft10/01/14
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Live Chat Support for Sitefinity by Banckle

  Banckle has recently announced Banckle.Chat support for Sitefinity which is an ASP.NET based web content management system (CMS). Banckle live chat support for Sitefinity provides spontaneous web content management and a powerful development...

Andrea Croft09/02/14
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Banckle Provides High Level Security for Cloud Hosted Products

  Banckle Newsletter for September 2014 announces high level security for cloud based products  and has introduced new sets of permission and roles for users in Banckle account which account administrator will impose based on business policies....